About Us

What is Opera York?

Opera York is a not-for-profit, registered charitable arts organization that is run by an annually elected Board of Directors.

Donations will receive a tax receipt under registered charity No. 88563 4568 RR0001

Mission Statement

Opera York’s mission is to provide passionate, professional opera for everyone, and to entertain, enrich, educate, and inspire through full productions, education and community programming. It is to offer professional career opportunities for emerging and established Canadian artists, and to support volunteerism and involvement in the arts within our diverse community.

Operas that satisfy our need for romance, beauty, and purity of sound.

Background Information

Opera York is a regional, professional opera company based in York Region. It is the resident opera company of the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. As a company, in a geographical  area still developing its cultural programming, Opera York’s aim is to be a model organization for cultural service delivery.

Growing from concerts in the parks in York Region, Opera York now offers full productions, with orchestra, chorus and surtitles. Opera York has partnered with the York Region Public and Separate School Boards to introduce opera to a new generation through the Opera for Schools /L'opéra pour les écoles program. We offer programs such as Opera for Seniors, Through Opera Glasses and Opera Teas through municipal Culture and Recreation Departments, and partnerships with supporting organizations. Opera for Seniors provides entertainment and lifestyle enrichment for the growing seniors population in York Region through a series of affordable concerts offered during daytime hours.

Opera York provides opportunities for creative artists to support their craft. The company uses Canadian singers, with emphasis on artists from Ontario and on the introduction of new artists from York Region.

The Education Program includes a program to support our opera with a Children’s Chorus. This gives children an exciting experience of opera and opportunities to learn classical music and drama, including stage movement. Some members of our Children’s Chorus have moved on to our adult chorus and then on to university vocal/education programs.

The company recognizes the importance of serving its diverse multicultural community. It offers Italian productions, French productions and very recently expanded its base to include a production in Hebrew.

Opera York serves the community in pursuit of a comprehensible and connective cultural experience with  a highly dramatic and musical experience, reaching into our hearts.